The Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium has published 500+ research articles since its inception in 2013. Articles published since September 2018 are listed here in reverse chronological order. Each article is tagged by category; you can browse different categories using the drop-down menu at the top of the page or by clicking on the tags of multi-category articles.


Rozowsky J et al.

exceRpt: A comprehensive analytic platform for extracellular RNA profiling.

Cell Syst AOP 2019-03-29.

Zhang Q et al.

Transfer of functional cargo in exomeres.

Cell Rep AOP 2019-03-26.

Murillo OD et al.

exRNA Atlas analysis reveals distinct extracellular RNA Cargo types and their carriers present across human biofluids.

Cell (2019) 177:463-477.e15.

Poggio M et al.

Suppression of exosomal PD-L1 induces systemic anti-tumor immunity and memory.

Cell (2019) 177:414-427.e13.

Das S et al.

The Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium: Establishing foundational knowledge and technologies for extracellular RNA research.

Cell (2019) 177:231-242.

Srinivasan S et al.

Small RNA sequencing across diverse biofluids identifies optimal methods for exRNA isolation.

Cell (2019) 177:446-462.e16.

Jeppesen DK et al.

Reassessment of exosome composition.

Cell (2019) 177:428-445.e18.

Zaborowski MP et al.

Methods for systematic identification of membrane proteins for specific capture of cancer-derived extracellular vesicles.

Cell Rep (2019) 27:255-268.e6.

Gonzalez-Villasana V et al.

Presence of circulating miR-145, miR-155, and miR-382 in exosomes isolated from serum of breast cancer patients and healthy donors.

Dis Markers (2019) 2019:6852917.

Ko D et al.

Proteomics profiling and risk of new-onset atrial fibrillation: Framingham Heart Study.

J Am Heart Assoc (2019) 8:e010976.

Mazzu YZ et al.

miR-193b regulates tumorigenesis in liposarcoma cells via PDGFR, TGFbeta, and Wnt signaling.

Sci Rep (2019) 9:3197.

Bei Y et al.

Cathelicidin-related antimicrobial peptide protects against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury.

BMC Med (2019) 17:42.

Belair CD et al.

High-throughput, efficient, and unbiased capture of small RNAs from low-input samples for sequencing.

Sci Rep (2019) 9:2262.

Wiedrick JT et al.

Validation of microRNA biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in human cerebrospinal fluid.

J Alzheimers Dis (2019) 67:875-891.

Pua HH et al.

Increased hematopoietic extracellular RNAs and vesicles in the lung during allergic airway responses.

Cell Rep (2019) 26:933-944.e4.

Krichevsky AM & Uhlmann EJ.

Oligonucleotide therapeutics as a new class of drugs for malignant brain tumors: Targeting mRNAs, regulatory RNAs, mutations, combinations, and beyond.

Neurotherapeutics AOP 2019-01-14.

Usmani SM et al.

HIV-1 balances the fitness costs and benefits of disrupting the host cell actin cytoskeleton early after mucosal transmission.

Cell Host Microbe (2019) 25:73-86.e5.

Jimenez L et al.

Quantitative proteomic analysis of small and large extracellular vesicles (EVs) reveals enrichment of adhesion proteins in small EVs.

J Proteome Res (2019) 18:947-959.

Shah RV et al.

Proteins altered by surgical weight loss highlight biomarkers of insulin resistance in the community.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol (2019) 39:107-115.

Cortez MA et al.

Role of miRNAs in immune responses and immunotherapy in cancer.

Genes Chromosomes Cancer (2019) 58:244-253.
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Chiou NT, Kageyama R & Ansel KM.

Selective export into extracellular vesicles and function of tRNa fragments during T cell activation.

Cell Rep (2018) 25:3356-3370.e4.

Ge XA & Hunter CP.

Efficient homologous recombination in mice using long single stranded DNA and CRISPR Cas9 nickase.

G3 (2019) 9:281-286.

Jia N et al.

Type III-A CRISPR-Cas Csm complexes: Assembly, periodic RNA cleavage, DNase activity regulation, and autoimmunity.

Mol Cell (2019) 73:264-277.e5.

Chen B et al.

Efficient labeling and imaging of protein-coding genes in living cells using CRISPR-Tag.

Nat Commun (2018) 9:5065.

Kanlikilicer P et al.

Exosomal miRNA confers chemo resistance via targeting Cav1/p-gp/M2-type macrophage axis in ovarian cancer.

EBioMedicine (2018) 38:100-112.

Shah R, Patel T & Freedman JE.

Circulating extracellular vesicles in human disease.

N Engl J Med (2018) 379:2180-2181.

Zhou S et al.

Chronic Platelet-derived Growth Factor Receptor signaling exerts control over initiation of protein translation in glioma.

Life Sci Alliance (2018) 1:e201800029.
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Teng Y et al.

Plant-derived exosomal microRNAs shape the gut microbiota.

Cell Host Microbe (2018) 24:637-652.e8.

Lusardi TA et al.

Analytics of Cerebrospinal Fluid microRNA quantitative PCR studies.

Mol Neurobiol AOP 2018-11-14.

Villar-Prados A et al.

Predicting novel therapies and targets: Regulation of Notch3 by the bromodomain protein BRD4.

Mol Cancer Ther AOP 2018-11-12.

Suryawanshi H et al.

A single-cell survey of the human first-trimester placenta and decidua.

Sci Adv (2018) 4:eaau4788.

Godoy PM et al.

Large differences in small RNA composition between human biofluids.

Cell Rep (2018) 25:1346-1358.

Bei Y et al.

Circular RNAs as potential theranostics in the cardiovascular system.

Mol Ther Nucleic Acids (2018) 13:407-418.

Haraszti RA et al.

Exosomes produced from 3D Cultures of MSCs by Tangential Flow Filtration show higher yield and improved activity.

Mol Ther (2018) 26:2838-2847.

Hinger SA et al.

Diverse long RNAs are differentially sorted into extracellular vesicles secreted by colorectal cancer cells.

Cell Rep (2018) 25:715-725.e4.

Wei S et al.

Rapid preimplantation genetic screening using a handheld, nanopore-based DNA sequencer.

Fertil Steril (2018) 110:910-916.e2.

Wei F et al.

Electric field-induced release and measurement liquid biopsy for noninvasive early lung cancer assessment.

J Mol Diagn (2018) 20:738-742.

Hisamatsu T et al.

PRKRA/PACT expression promotes chemoresistance of mucinous ovarian cancer.

Mol Cancer Ther AOP 2018-10-10.

Gustafsson G et al.

Secretion and uptake of alpha-synuclein via extracellular vesicles in cultured cells.

Cell Mol Neurobiol (2018) 38:1539-1550.

Lu Y et al.

miR-205 regulates basal cell identity and stem cell regenerative potential during mammary reconstitution.

Stem Cells (2018) 36:1875-1889.

Antoury L et al.

Analysis of extracellular mRNA in human urine reveals splice variant biomarkers of Muscular Dystrophies.

Nat Commun (2018) 9:3906.

Malabirade A et al.

The RNA complement of Outer Membrane Vesicles from Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium under distinct culture conditions.

Front Microbiol (2018) 9:2015.

Moirangthem A & Patel T.

Mesenchymal stem cell derived extracellular vesicles: a promising new therapeutic approach for hepatic injury.

Biotarget (2017) 1:12.

Regev K et al.

Identification of MS-specific serum miRNAs in an international multicenter study.

Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm (2018) 5:e491.

Monroig-Bosque PDC et al.

OncomiR-10b hijacks the small molecule inhibitor linifanib in human cancers.

Sci Rep (2018) 8:13106.