EV Antibody Database

A major goal of ERCC Stage 2 has been to develop a curated database of antibodies for exRNA and extracellular vesicle research. The database currently has records for antibodies useful for Western blotting, EV flow cytometry, and EV sandwich assays.


ERCC2 Benchmarking Study

The ERCC is supporting projects to develop and test new methods to analyze and separate individual RNA carriers, including EVs, lipoproteins, and RNPs. This development and testing will be greatly facilitated by the availability of a common set of carrier preparations and biofluids that can be used by all labs for benchmarking and demonstration. The Laurent lab at UCSD is now distributing plasma to those research labs interested in participating in the benchmarking study. Note that these materials are not intended for use during method development and optimization, only for benchmarking of optimized methods.


ERCC Resource Catalog (in Public Repositories)

Complete ERCC Resource Catalog

The ERCC resource catalog lists reagents generated by the consortium and made available to share with the wider research community. The top link lists vetted resources that are available in public repositories. To access reagents from the complete catalog underneath, use the Point of Contact email or contact us at

Virtual Biorepository

The Virtual Biorepository enables exRNA researchers to share biofluid samples across institutions for the purpose of collaborative protocol development and biomarker discovery. Other shared resources available in the VBR include hepatobiliary samples, tissue, cell, and macromolecular samples, and sample slides.

See this blog post for a more complete description of the VBR.