ERCC2 Benchmarking Study

The ERCC is supporting projects to develop and test new methods to analyze and separate individual RNA carriers, including EVs, lipoproteins, and RNPs. This development and testing will be greatly facilitated by the availability of a common set of carrier preparations and biofluids that can be used by all labs for benchmarking and demonstration.

In an initial survey, there was interest in both cell line-derived EV reference preparations and crude biofluids, with the DIFI cell line-derived EVs attractive for the well characterized and interesting cargo they carry, and plasma of interest as an important target for many ERCC projects.

Note that these materials are not intended for use during method development and optimization, as it is expected that each group will have relevant materials for that purpose. Rather, these shared reference preparation and biofluid materials are intended to be used for benchmarking of optimized methods, and will be provided in amounts suitable for statistically robust performance demonstrations.


The Laurent lab at UCSD is now distributing plasma to those research labs interested in participating in the benchmarking study. To participate, please download and sign this Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). Then enter your shipping information on this form. We can begin shipping plasma as soon as we receive a signed MTA. If your institution’s technology transfer office requires redlines to the MTA, the process will take longer. Contact with questions.