ERCC web seminars occur on the first Thursday of each month at 10 am Pacific, 12 noon Central, 1 pm Eastern time. Exceptions to the regular schedule will be announced here ahead of time.

Next Seminar

You are invited to join the ERCC Seminar Series on February 7, 2019 at 10 am Pacific, 12 noon Central, 1 pm Eastern time for a live, online educational webinar. No registration is necessary.

This month’s presentation will be from Dr. Joel Rozowsky, Research Scientist from the Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Yale University.

The title of his presentation is “The extracellular RNA-Seq processing pipeline of the ERCC and related tools.”

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Past Seminars

Extracellular RNAs in populations and disease

Jane Freedman, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Consortium member
03 January 2019


Infection and EVs: How an infected cell utilizes EVs to survive

Fatah Kashanchi, George Mason University
Guest speaker
06 December 2018


Small RNA-seq of multiple biofluids

Kendall Jensen, Translational Genomics Research Institute
Consortium member
01 November 2018


Blood-based assays for the diagnosis and stratification of glioma patients

Leonora Balaj, Deparment of Neurosurgery, Massaschusetts General Hospital
Consortium member
04 October 2018


Regulation of immune response in colorectal cancer

Subbaya (Subree) Subramanian, University of Minnesota
Guest speaker
12 July 2018


Comparison of exRNA isolation methods reveals that biofluids contain multiple distinct exRNA compartments

Srimeenakshi Srinivasan, UC San Diego Department of Reproductive Medicine
Consortium member
07 June 2018


Circulating miRNAs and risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

Mike Silverman, Das lab, Massachusetts General Hospital
Consortium member
10 May 2018


Arthropod exosomes as slingshots for transmission of tick and mosquito-borne flaviviruses

Hameeda Sultana, Old Dominion University
Guest speaker
05 April 2018


Salivary exRNA and a new horizon in dental, oral and craniofacial biology

David Wong, UCLA
Consortium member
01 March 2018


EVs as messengers of inflammation in HIV infection and cigarette use

Ken Witwer, Johns Hopkins
Guest speaker
01 February 2018


Exosomes and exRNA: Modulating cellular transcriptome and regeneration

Susmita Sahoo, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY
Guest speaker
04 January 2018


Robust biomarker selection from RT-qPCR data using statistical consensus criteria

Jack Wiedrick, Oregon Health & Science University
Consortium member
07 December 2017


KRAS-dependent sorting of miRNA into exosomes

James Patton, Vanderbilt
Consortium member
05 October 2017


Aging affects extracellular RNA and extracellular vesicles

Nikki Noren Hooten, National Institute on Aging
Guest speaker
07 September 2017
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Extracellular RNA and vesicles in allergic lung inflammation

Heather Pua, Ansel lab, UCSF
Consortium member
04 May 2017


MicroRNAs in cerebral spinal fluid as biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease

Julie Saugstad, Oregon Health Sciences University
Consortium member
02 March 2017


Automated isolation and deep-sequencing characterization of nucleic acids from cell-free biofluids for clinical analysis

Tom Tuschl, Rockefeller University
Consortium member
02 February 2017


Loading cancer drones: the regulation of exosomal non-coding RNA content by p53

George Calin, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Consortium member
01 December 2016


The distinct traits and functions of exosomes and microvesicles

Marc Antonyak, Cornell
Guest speaker
27 October 2016


Cancer-host crosstalk through endogenous and exogenous extracellular miRNA

Emily Wang, UCSD
Guest speaker
01 Sept 2016


Extracellular oncogenes as biological effectors and biomarkers

Janusz Rak, McGill University
Guest speaker
30 June 2016


Overview of the first public release of the exRNA Atlas

Sai Lakshmi Subramanian, Baylor College of Medicine
Consortium member
04 February 2016


Understanding and using small RNA-seq

David Galas, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute
Consortium member
03 December 2015