On Monday and Tuesday April 19–20, 2021, the ERCC will host a free online workshop on exRNA data analysis. There are three target audiences: experimentalists generating exRNA-seq data, computational and data scientists who have worked with those groups to analyze their data, and other interested data scientists. Our goal is to foster an open dialog about best practices and open problems in exRNA data analysis, focusing mainly on small exRNA sequencing data. Data scientists will gain domain knowledge about exRNA and the unique features to consider when analyzing exRNA data. Experimentalists will learn more about the bioinformatic tools available to them. We hope the interaction between the two communities will increase understanding and foster collaboration.

Participation in the workshop is free. Sessions will run from noon to 5pm US Eastern time both days. Registered participants will receive Zoom call-in information shortly before the meeting. Stay tuned to this page for details!

We are seeking data scientists to present case studies of their methods and results during the Case Studies session and to participate in open discussion at the end of the workshop. Abstracts will be accepted through March 15th. Speakers chosen to present during the workshop will be notified by April 5th.


Open Problems

The workshop will focus on computational methods to understand and catalog the heterogeneity of exRNA carriers, with a particular emphasis on deconvolution.

Some specific open problems to be discussed at the workshop include the following:

exRNA Data Analysis Challenge

Our goal is for the Spring 2021 workshop to lay the foundation for creating an exRNA-themed DREAM challenge. The DREAM challenge is an ideal framework for presenting problems in exRNA data analysis to the wider scientific community. For more information, watch the February ERCC webinar presented by DREAM founder Gustavo Stolovitsky.