Principal Investigator:

Contributors: Jennifer Jones, Aleksandar Milosavljevic

Figure: A combined strategy for EVs purification: particle abundance and diversity identified after Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) and most abundant Plasma Protein depletion (TOP14) followed by Capto Core 700 chromatography (CC700).

Isolate EV from plasma using a novel, two step approach. The method we developed is aimed at minimizing the pre-analytical variability inherent present in clinical samples, using a two steps approach which are designed to: 1) remove the lipoprotein complexes which may outnumber, depending on the blood donation time, circulating EVs 1:100.000/1:1.000.000, and 2) smaller RNA-containing EV-like particles such as exomeres, which co-isolate with EVs. The net result is an approach bypasses the need for UC/SEC and provides EV and EV-like particles in easy to analyze formats.

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