The Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium has published 700+ research articles since its inception in 2013. Articles published since May 2021 are listed here in reverse chronological order. Each article is tagged by category; you can browse different categories using the drop-down menu at the top of the page or by clicking on the tags of multi-category articles.


Clancy JW et al.

Recruitment of DNA to tumor-derived microvesicles.

Cell Rep (2022) 38:110443.

Su Y et al.

Multiple early factors anticipate post-acute COVID-19 sequelae.

Cell (2022) 185:881-895.e20.

Witwer KW et al.

Updating MISEV: Evolving the minimal requirements for studies of extracellular vesicles.

J Extracell Vesicles (2021) 10:e12182.

Couch Y et al.

A brief history of nearly EV-erything – The rise and rise of extracellular vesicles.

J Extracell Vesicles (2021) 10:e12144.

Zhang Q et al.

Supermeres are functional extracellular nanoparticles replete with disease biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Nat Cell Biol (2021) 23:1240-1254.

Max KEA et al.

Plasma microRNA interindividual variability in healthy individuals, pregnant women, and an individual with a stably altered neuroendocrine phenotype.

Clin Chem (2021) 67:1676-1688.

Hao N et al.

Acoustofluidic multimodal diagnostic system for Alzheimer’s disease.

Biosens Bioelectron (2022) 196:113730.

Bittel M et al.

Visualizing transfer of microbial biomolecules by outer membrane vesicles in microbe-host-communication in vivo.

J Extracell Vesicles (2021) 10:e12159.

Valkov N et al.

snRNA sequencing defines signaling by RBC-derived extracellular vesicles in the murine heart.

Life Sci Alliance (2021) 4.

Zhong R et al.

Acoustofluidic droplet sorter based on single phase focused transducers.

Small (2021) 17:e2103848.

Zhang Y et al.

Nanoparticle-assisted detection of nucleic acids in a polymeric nanopore with a large pore size.

Biosens Bioelectron (2022) 196:113697.

van der Pol E, Welsh JA & Nieuwland R.

Minimum information to report about a flow cytometry experiment on extracellular vesicles: Communication from the ISTH SSC subcommittee on vascular biology.

J Thromb Haemost (2022) 20:245-251.

Johansson K, Woodruff PG & Ansel KM.

Regulation of airway immunity by epithelial miRNAs.

Immunol Rev AOP 2021-09-21.

Verweij FJ et al.

The power of imaging to understand extracellular vesicle biology in vivo.

Nat Methods (2021) 18:1013-1026.

Li J et al.

Acoustic tweezer with complex boundary-free trapping and transport channel controlled by shadow waveguides.

Sci Adv (2021) 7:eabi5502.

Ma S et al.

CD63-mediated cloaking of VEGF in small extracellular vesicles contributes to anti-VEGF therapy resistance.

Cell Rep (2021) 36:109549.

Pusic KM, Kraig RP & Pusic AD.

IFNgamma-stimulated dendritic cell extracellular vesicles can be nasally administered to the brain and enter oligodendrocytes.

PLoS ONE (2021) 16:e0255778.

Zheng JJ et al.

Isolation of HDL by sequential flotation ultracentrifugation followed by size exclusion chromatography reveals size-based enrichment of HDL-associated proteins.

Sci Rep (2021) 11:16086.

Pusic KM et al.

Environmental enrichment and its benefits for migraine: Dendritic cell extracellular vesicles as an effective mimetic.

J Cell Immunol (2021) 3:215-225.

Mohapatra S & Calin G.

JAM-ming miR-21.

Cell Death Differ (2021) 28:2837-2839.

Quesenberry P et al.

Hematopoietic stem cells: Uncomfortable considerations.

Curr Mol Biol Rep (2017) 3:165-171.

Park J et al.

An integrated magneto-electrochemical device for the rapid profiling of tumour extracellular vesicles from blood plasma.

Nat Biomed Eng (2021) 5:678-689.

Giraldez MD & Tewari M.

Phospho-RNAseq profiling of extracellular mRNAs and lncRNAs.

Methods Mol Biol (2021) 2348:257-271.

Zhang P et al.

Acoustoelectronic nanotweezers enable dynamic and large-scale control of nanomaterials.

Nat Commun (2021) 12:3844.

Winkle M et al.

Noncoding RNA therapeutics – challenges and potential solutions.

Nat Rev Drug Discov (2021) 20:629-651.

Satake E et al.

Comprehensive search for novel circulating miRNAs and axon guidance pathway proteins associated with risk of ESKD in diabetes.

J Am Soc Nephrol (2021) 32:2331-2351.

Kilinc S et al.

Oncogene-regulated release of extracellular vesicles.

Dev Cell (2021) 56:1989-2006.e6.

Oliveira-Jr GP et al.

Electrophoretic mobility shift as a molecular beacon-based readout for miRNA detection.

Biosens Bioelectron (2021) 189:113307.

Thompson L et al.

Quantification of cellular densities and antigenic properties using magnetic levitation.

J Vis Exp AOP 2021-05-17.

Guo C et al.

Choice of selectable marker affects recombinant protein expression in cells and exosomes.

J Biol Chem (2021) 297:100838.

Blanco-Dominguez R et al.

A novel circulating microRNA for the detection of acute myocarditis.

N Engl J Med (2021) 384:2014-2027.

Muthukumar T et al.

Serum microRNA transcriptomics and acute rejection or recurrent Hepatitis C virus in human liver allograft recipients: a pilot study.

Transplantation (2022) 106:806-820.

Zhao S et al.

Fabrication of tunable, high-molecular-weight polymeric nanoparticles via ultrafast acoustofluidic micromixing.

Lab Chip (2021) 21:2453-2463.

Gimona M et al.

Critical considerations for the development of potency tests for therapeutic applications of mesenchymal stromal cell-derived small extracellular vesicles.

Cytotherapy (2021) 23:373-380.