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exRNA additions to WikiPathways

We continue to add pathways from exRNA publications to the exRNA portal at WikiPathways. The latest pathways to be added are 1) miR-222 in Exercise-Induced Cardiac Growth (WP2928), 2) Hypoxia-mediated EMT and Stemness (WP2943) and 3) DDX1 as a regulatory component of the Drosha microprocessor (WP2942). These pathways were directly curated from publication figures.

As a parallel approach to our ongoing effort to curate pathways relevant to the exRNA community, we have recently added a set of relevant miRNA target interactions to WikiPathways, based on a hand-curated list of miRNAs that are being studied by consortia members (collected from presentations during the recent Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium (ERCC) conference). miRNA-target interactions were added based on mirRTarBase entries, restricted to those with strong evidence.

The goal of the Wikipathways exRNA portal is to build a collection of pathway models for exRNA researchers to use for illustration, data visualization, and analysis. Each pathway is a self-contained data model that connects to identifier and annotation databases. In addition to providing static images for figures and presentations, these pathways can also be used by bioinformatics and network analysis packages such as Cytoscape and PathVisio. Furthermore, as a wiki, anyone can sign up to improve and grow the content. We invite you all to edit, fix, and add to the pathway models in the exRNA portal at WikiPathways.

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