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New exRNA pathways at WikiPathways

The exRNA pathway portal at WikiPathways was created in 2014 and now includes 50 exRNA-related pathways, including 19 from publications by the Extracellular RNA Communication consortium. We are committed to capturing every published pathway figure from the consortium as a properly modeled pathway at WikiPathways. If your work involves pathways, especially if you are publishing it, look into contributing to WikiPathways.

The latest pathways to be curated from consortium publications are:

  1. ApoE and miR-146 in inflammation and atherosclerosis
  2. miR-148a/miR-31/FIH1/HIF1α-Notch signaling in glioblastoma
  3. mir-124 predicted interactions with cell cycle and differentiation
  4. miR-517 relationship with ARCN1 and USP1

The goal of the Wikipathways exRNA portal is to build a collection of pathway models for exRNA researchers to use for illustration, data visualization, and analysis. Each pathway is a self-contained data model that connects to identifier and annotation databases. In addition to providing static images for figures and presentations, these pathways can also be used by bioinformatics and network analysis packages such as Cytoscape and PathVisio. Furthermore, as a wiki, anyone can sign up to improve and grow the content. We invite you all to edit, fix, and add to the pathway models in the exRNA pathway portal at WikiPathways.

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