Salivary biomarkers such as extracellular RNA (exRNA) and other omics constituents can detect the onset and presence of cancers and diseases. However, saliva collection and biomarker stability, processing and storage at ambient temperature remain as key challenges. Oasis Diagnostics and UCLA collaborated to create a technology, RNAPro•SAL, to address this unmet need.

RNA-Pro-Sal figure

RNAPro•SAL condenses and streamlines the multistep saliva collection and processing procedure into a single integrated step. This new technology releases whole saliva from a collection pad by compressing and filtering unwanted cellular debris through the bifurcated filter unit. It delivers processed saliva supernatant into the collection tubes within minutes. Its simple operation can be used in the hands of anyone and eliminates specialized equipment and personnel. RNAPro•SAL allows collection from remote locations at ambient temperature. Most existing saliva collectors target a single analyte, whereas RNAPro•SAL stores both stabilized exRNA and protein samples during transport to laboratory for downstream analysis. Results show that the RNAPro•SAL technology yields samples that are suitable for direct transcriptomic and proteomic analysis and stable up to 14 days at ambient temperature. The RNAPro•SAL system extends salivary diagnostics to areas lacking laboratory facilities and provides point-of-care utility (Chiang et al. 2015).

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