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New Resource for exRNA-related Pathways

We have launched a new portal at WikiPathways to highlight the mechanisms of exRNA signaling and regulation. Check it out at The goal of this portal is to build a collection of pathway models for exRNA researchers to use for illustration, data visualization, and analysis. Each pathway is a self-contained data model that connects to identifier and annotation databases. So, in addition to providing static images for figures and presentations, these pathways can also be used by bioinformatics and network analysis packages such as Cytoscape and PathVisio. Furthermore, as a wiki, anyone can sign up to improve and grow the content. We invite you all to edit, fix, and add to the pathway model in the exRNA portal at WikiPathways.

We have curated a starting set of pathways for the portal based on existing miRNA research and the growing collection of exRNA consortium papers (see Related Pathway links). As the findings pour in, we will continue to organize curation efforts to add to this pathway set. If your research involves exRNA interactions with signaling or regulatory pathways, and it is not represented, let us know! Please send us a link to the relevant information and/or publications.

This portal was developed by the Data Management and Resource Repository group, serving the data coordination and scientific outreach needs of the consortium. If you have questions and/or feedback on ways to improve the exRNA portal at WikiPathways, please contact or Alex Pico at

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